Group Insurance Plans / Employee Benefits

Business involves risk but the right insurance can mitigate that while protecting future growth. Oliver Insurance Agency experts assess current and future exposure across your scope of business. Our experts are fluent across many industries. Whether you have one office, multiple specialty sectors, domestic or international operations, we will protect your business with a customized package of insurance products. In collaboration with your executives, and based on a detailed analysis of your current business and strategic goals, Oliver Insurance Agency will design a comprehensive coverage package with the terms and conditions you seek; one that becomes part of the stable business foundation you require.

Protecting your employees, your future and your corporate strength

Valuable employees are essential to sustainability and growth. For the majority of businesses and corporations, retention requires some level of employee benefits.  Oliver Insurance Agency helps businesses determine precisely what level of employee benefits are fiscally responsible. We apply a financial analysis model that incorporates short-term, foreseeable fluctuations in your specific industry and your revenue projections. Then, with our detailed knowledge of the Affordable Care Act, we will develop an employee benefits package that ensures you are in compliance with Federal Law, your business is on solid footing, and your employees receive valued benefits. With Oliver Insurance Agency your business and your employees will grow on a cornerstone of insurance protection.

For more information on the Affordable Care Act, click here.

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